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Inspiration—Nature and Science

U.S. Wellness was founded by 3 Chemistry doctors and 1 Biophysics doctor. Namely electrochemist, photochemist, laser-spectroscopist and biophysicist. We all study for our doctoral degrees at CWRU (hence we’re located in Cleveland Ohio). Throughout our research and education we realized just how much we DON’T KNOW. With our PhDs we feel like we knew very little about chemical and biological process that are happening in our bodies. VERY LITTLE. It also became apparent that man-made chemicals, don’t exist in nature, interact with our bodies in ways that is currently incomprehendable to human kind. Advances in artificial intelligence may push our understanding, but until that day comes, do we all just eat artificial sweeteners? Natural-occurring compounds that are found in wholesome herbs and natural products that our ancestors evolved-with are THE BEST POSIBLE compounds for all living things. With extreme fundamental scientific understanding we came back to a simple and straight forward answer to what is best for us- Nature. No more, no less. This is why we found U.S. Wellness LLC, to promote naturally occurring medicinal plants, herbs, frits, beeswax products and many other sources of wellbeing found were? At the exact same spot where out ancestors migrating from Africa some 100K years ago found them, in nature.


We traveled to variety of continents to meet our farmers. Each of the product is sourced from reputable grower and many have organic and/or other certificates. We shook each of their hands and we brought you special and unique products. We showed appreciation to tradition and culture associated with each medicinal herb and we researched the most potent active compounds that these herbs have to offer. Absolute amazing array of benefits are reported by our friends and families and we work closely with farmers to achieve full potency. is committed to your health and well-being. Our products promote holistic, all natural living because we believe in a healthy you. There is no better way to treat yourself than with nature’s abundant gifts. We search far and wide to bring you the highest quality products and are constantly looking to expand our inventory.


BULK, we bring you wholesome herbs and raw beeswax and dried fruit in large economy of scale quantity. There is nothing quite like nature.


U.S. Wellness Team


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