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Ceylon Cinnamon Powder (1LB) True Organic Cinnamomum verum

100% ORGANIC- This food product is a certified organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder. This means it has been created from top quality Ceylon Cinnamon sticks, and is free from herbicides and pesticides, leaving only the taste of natural true cinnamon. It has been lovingly hand packed at our headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, meaning end to end supervision of the product, so you get quality ground cinnamon.
TRUE CINNAMON- Ceylon Cinnamon is from Sri Lanka and has the Latin Name Cinnamomum Verum, which literally translates to True Cinnamon. Most cinnamon purchased at your local stores or online is in fact Cinnamomum Cassia, which is also called Chinese Cinnamon. Real cinnamon has a mellow, sweet, spicy taste that far exceeds the store bought variety, and comes free of preservatives and other chemicals.
QUALITY- Our relationship with our growers in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) allow us to track the progress of the cinnamon powder from planting, to harvesting, to drying, to hand packing here in Cleveland. This unparalleled oversight of the supply chain means we can guarantee high quality product each and every time.
SHIPS QUICKLY- Local shipping from our warehouse in Ohio means you will get your product in a timely manner. It typically arrives within just a couple of business days, so you’ll be getting your Ceylon fix in no time at all!
SATISFACTION GUARANTEED- Because we track each and every batch of Ceylon Cinnamon Powder from planting to packing we stand fully behind your product. If you have any issues at all our friendly, local customer support team will be able to help you! This could be discussing the health benefits, discerning the taste and amount to be used, or simply just to talk about our other product. We love hearing from our happy customers, and look forward to speaking with you!

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In the world of healthy food, Cinnamomum Verum, or “True Cinnamon” is known for its mild taste but powerful aroma. Wellness aspects are why it has been used for centuries to promote healthiness, and has been a cornerstone of holistic approach to well-being through food. When using cinnamon, it is vital you are purchasing and using Ceylon Cinnamon, because it has a greater concentration of the essential cinnamon oils and less cumourin content. Cumourin is found in much greater magnitudes in Chinese cinnamon, and has been scientifically proven to cause health issues. So much so that some countries have called for warnings to be placed on products made with Cinnamomum Cassia (most store bought cinnamon). Cinnamon is sometimes considered to be part of the fall blend of spices, along with pumpkin, clove, and nutmeg. It sells more than all of these combined, and has continued to grow in popularity in the new millenium. Cinnamon is actually harvested from bark, more specifically the inner bark of the plant. This is one of the reasons that pure cinnamon is so difficult to obtain. Strictly speaking, this product is ground back of a cinnamon three. To create Ceylon Cinnamon Powder, the outer bark must first be removed. Then, the inside bark is painstakingly peeled and dried out. While drying, the bark curls into a scroll-like shape. For True Cinnamon, this scroll is tightly wound, reflecting the fragility and thinness of the inner bark of the plant. Chinese Cinnamon has thicker inner bark, and looks more like the cinnamon sticks you see in stores or on television. Because of this fragility, Cinnamomum Verum is difficult to properly cultivate and harvest. It requires a careful process to not break up the dainty cinnamon sticks. Additionally, it must be aired out carefully. Throughout the process, cinnamon sticks that are too damp must be discarded, as these will affect quality and taste. The remaining, high quality cinnamon sticks, are ground toa fine powder for use in your kitchen, or as a direct additive to foods. This cinnamon comes in a huge one pound bag. While one pound may not sound like a lot, for pure raw cinnamon powder this will last for months! Because of the vibrancy of taste, simply a teaspoon added to your oatmeal or cider will change the complexion of the food or drink. This small amount is also enough to provide some of the healthy effects desired from raw cinnamon, and should become a staple of your diet! We are excited to begin offering this all new product, and look forward to getting your feedback about our Raw Ceylon Cinnamon Powder. We know it may taste a little different from the store bought variety, but the unique taste flavors food wonderfully, without the risk of elevated cumourin levels. We stand behind all of our products, and if you have any problems with your cinnamon, simply reach out and we will gladly help you!

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