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U.S. Wellness Naturals selection of teas has been growing as a result of years of concerted efforts to find best flavor and our faith in food-quality & food-safety principles.

We at U.S. Wellness Naturals believe in independently verifiable best practices and our results have been verified by Department of Agriculture of Ohio, FDA, OEFFA and third-party chemical testing. Each LOT# has unique chain of custody amongst the FDA registered food facilities across the globe. We have traveled to Egypt, Brazil, Eastern European countries, Sri Lanka, China, India and many other countries. Our sources are small farms whose practices and values closely follow those our founders and United States food regulations.

Our tea tasting team (cupping team) has completed formal Specialty Tea Institute training and most of the teas we taste are simply rejected. Those that satisfy our standards are slowly introduced into the growing selection of great-tasting teas via our repeated-customers’ feedback and approval. Our efforts have been rewarded via thousands of verified 5-stars reviews across internet.