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U.S. Wellness Naturals selection of teas has been growing as a result of years of concerted efforts to find best flavor and our faith in food-quality & food-safety principles.

We at U.S. Wellness Naturals believe in independently verifiable best practices and our results have been verified by Department of Agriculture of Ohio, FDA, OEFFA and third-party chemical testing. Each LOT# has unique chain of custody amongst the FDA registered food facilities across the globe. We have traveled to Egypt, Brazil, Eastern European countries, Sri Lanka, China, India and many other countries. Our sources are small farms whose practices and values closely follow those our founders and United States food regulations.

Our tea tasting team (cupping team) has completed formal Specialty Tea Institute training and most of the teas we taste are simply rejected. Those that satisfy our standards are slowly introduced into the growing selection of great-tasting teas via our repeated-customers’ feedback and approval. Our efforts have been rewarded via thousands of verified 5-stars reviews across internet.

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  • English Breakfast Tea, CRISP, RICH & AROMATIC well-rounded loose leaf tea, 110+ cups, 8oz Organic Ceylon SINGLE ESTATE tea, 100% IDULGASHINNA estate, OP grade tea, U.S.A. Processed & Quality Control

    100% ORGANIC- This English Breakfast loose leaf tea is a certified organic product. It has been certified by the Department of Agriculture and the supply chain is closely monitored from planting through packing to ensure your black tea blend is free of pesticides and other chemicals that can be harmful to the body, and detract from the elegant goodness of the pure tea.
    SINGLE ESTATE TEA- This tea is all harvested from the IDULGASHINNA Estate. The Harringon Estate is located in Dimbula, a region of varying elevations in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka, also called Ceylon, is the only home of true Ceylon Tea, which tea experts call “The Bordeaux of Tea.” Because IDULGASHINNA has multiple elevations, it allows the growers to create a consistent blend using the terroir of the teas grown at different heights, while preserving the sanctity of a one estate blend.
    STRONG TASTE- This English Breakfast blend is full bodied, rich, and bold. There are fruity and floral tinges, that contribute to the distinctive fragrant scent that seems remarkably strong while imbibing. Ceylon English Breakfast Tea is unique because it is less flowery than a standard Darjeeling and notably less astringent than Assam teas. Ceylon makes for a great quencher of thirst, so it is a delightful option for iced tea. Despite being a strong, full bodied blend, the mellow notes of this tea make it great for sipping throughout the day.
    HAND PACKED- This tea is lovingly packed by hand at our headquarters in Cleveland, OH. Each batch of tea is inspected and carefully packaged by hand so you are getting only the best quality tea available.
    QUALITY GUARANTEED- If you have any issues at all with your tea, our customer service staff is based in Cleveland as well and will be quick to answer any questions or calm any concerns. Because we spend so much time and energy on a flawless supply chain, we can confidently guarantee the quality of our product! If you have any issues, or want to discuss other blends, we’d love to hear from you!

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  • Peppermint Tea, Strong and fresh mint tea, Cut and Sifted 1LB

    STRONG & FRESH; Each serving packs a cool MINTY PUNCH of vitamin A, folate, vitamin C, calcium, iron, potassium, vitamin e, dietary fiber, and essential oils; This tea provides you with a jolt of energy and freshens your breath, now that's cool.
    GROWN IN EUROPE; at the ideal latitude, longitude, and hardiness zone to yield perfect peppermint leaves; harvested mechanically at a small scale by small farmers all our LOT# carry certificates of origin; this peppermint is made for real tea lovers who seek a unique authentic produced flavor not found in commercially produced peppermint tea. CUT AND SIFTED; Our peppermint leaves have already been cut into smaller pieces to help you brew your tea quicker; the sifting has removed dust or sand make each serving hassle-free.
    PACKED IN CLEVELAND, OHIO: Our registered food facility adheres to all the best practices required by the Department of Agriculture; successful inspections by the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA) ensures we maintain a high level of quality control. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: At U.S. Wellness Naturals we only believe in the highest quality tea; If you have any questions, suggestions, or just want to tell us how you enjoy using our products, our friendly customer service in Cleveland is always available to help.

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  • Rooibos Tea 1lb Organic

    ✅ Rooibos tea CERTIFIED USDA ORGANIC - 100% certified organic Rooibos bearing the USDA organic seal. In Cleveland Ohio, we conduct our own quality control and pack each LOT. Each LOT is traceable to specific area in South Africa. organic Rooibos tea (medium cut) ✅ UNIQUE QUALITY: Rooibos, or "red bush," is an endemic plant of South Africa's mountainous region of Cederberg known by the natives as the "long-life" tea. Leaves are cut and fermented giving it unique red color and aroma. ✅ POWERFUL ALTERNATIVE - Rooibos Tea is an excellent alternative for green and black tea. It is low in tannins, and it is free from calories, caffeine or oxalic acid. ✅ A PACKAGE THAT MAINTAINS FRESHNESS - Each order comes to you in a 1 lb. bulk bag made with triple layer oxygen diffusion barrier designed to preserve freshness. In this way Rooibos Tea Benefits are preserved for many years (LOTs of Rooibos are known to maintain freshness for many years). ✅ LOVE IT OR YOUR MONEY BACK – We are proud to guarantee our Rooibos tea with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Please contact us and we will gladly honor our guarantee. Learn More

  • Earl Grey Tea, FLORAL & CITRUSY, 100% Natural Bergamot Flavor Blended with ORGANIC Loose Leaf Tea, 110+ Cups, 8oz, ORGANIC CEYLON, OP Grade Tea, U.S.A Processed & Quality Control

    100% ORGANIC- This Earl Grey tea is a blend of organic black Ceylon tea leaves and natural bergamot flavoring to produce an Earl Grey blend that is completely organic. The organic certification is a painstaking and complicated process that helps to ensure you are receiving loose leaf black tea that is free from any chemicals or pesticides.
    EARL GREY TEA- Named after former British Prime Minister Earl Grey this is a sophisticated tea that blends the bold, strong taste of black Ceylon tea with the citrusy flavor bergamot. Earl Grey tea has a naturally astringent taste which pairs well with desserts and decadent foods. Its bright floral flavor, and 50-90 mg of caffeine in each cup, make it a great way to jump start your day.
    HIGH QUALITY- Because U.S. Wellness Naturals has an unprecedented hand in the entire supply chain, we can guarantee the highest quality tea reaches your breakfast nook. We work directly with the producers and cultivators ensuring both organic, but also ethical and sustainable growing practices. We hand pack each bag in Cleveland, OH so you get only the freshest, most delectable tea on the market.
    KOMBUCHA, ICED TEA, HOT TEA- Earl Grey is an incredibly versatile tea. American Earl Grey tea is typically served with milk and sugar, while those in England serve British Earl Grey Tea, using lemon and sugar. The citrus flavor of the bergamot makes it a refreshing choice for brewed iced tea, especially in the summer. The depth of the flavor profile also make it a great choice for making your own kombucha!
    FAST SHIPPING- Because this Earl Grey tea is hand packaged in Cleveland, OH, we can get it to you quickly! We have a fully fleshed out warehouse and fulfillment operation on site, and typically you’ll get your freshly packed loose leaf Earl Grey tea in just a couple of days. Additionally, our customer service team in Cleveland is available if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to talk tea!

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  • Licorice Root Cut and Sifted 100% Organic 1lb Egypt

    The root of the licorice plant, known scientifically as the glycyrrhiza glabra, is colloquially called just licorice root. While sometimes used to brew tea, it is frequently eaten or chewed for its many health benefits. This giant one pound bag of licorice root is a certified organic product. This means it has undergone a wide battery of tests and inspections so that you the consumer can be confident you are getting a plant free of chemical and pesticides.

    Many people use cut and sifted licorice root to make a wonderfully tasty, herbal tea. Licorice root tea is naturally caffeine free and sweet. To make delicious licorice root tea, simply use 1 tbsp of the licorice and brew in your favorite brewer.

    All U.S. Wellness Naturals products come with our satisfaction guarantee. Our locally based customer service agents in Cleveland, OH will happily answer any and all questions, and will remedy any problems you have with your purchase or its delivery.

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  • Lemon Balm Herbal Tea Cut and Sifted, AAA Grade 1lb bulk FIRST FLUSH

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    First Flush: First flush lemon balm has become somewhat of a rarity owing to high prices of its essential oils. We managed to buy 2018 first flush harvest from Republic or Serbia and are proud to say that nobody (that we know of) offers first flush lemon balm in the USA market. 

    100% Natural: lemon balm has been farmed in accordance with practices that are followed by organic manufacturers. No pesticides or herbicides have been used and the crop has been weeded mechanically. To have a small dedicated crop for U.S. Wellness in the pristine balkan countryside is of real value to us and our customers. 

    100% BPA free: This resealable bag is guaranteed not to contain any adverse chemicals and is totally free of BPA.

    100% Certified Origin: All of our food items come with (Form A) certificate of origin and with Phytosanitary certificate to the U.S. CBP. Feel free to inspect our certificates and let us know if you have any questions.
    Bulk lemon balm cut and sifted (1lb). As a member of the mint family this herbal and medicinal tea has a lemon and mint aroma owing to its naturally occurring aromatic oils. Lemon balm is often used for its calming effects for anxiety and sleep problems but it is also said to help with upset stomach. Buy now and save on bulk packaging.

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