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English Breakfast Tea, CRISP, RICH & AROMATIC well-rounded loose leaf tea, 110+ cups, 8oz Organic Ceylon SINGLE ESTATE tea, 100% IDULGASHINNA estate, OP grade tea, U.S.A. Processed & Quality Control

100% ORGANIC- This English Breakfast loose leaf tea is a certified organic product. It has been certified by the Department of Agriculture and the supply chain is closely monitored from planting through packing to ensure your black tea blend is free of pesticides and other chemicals that can be harmful to the body, and detract from the elegant goodness of the pure tea.
SINGLE ESTATE TEA- This tea is all harvested from the IDULGASHINNA Estate. The Harringon Estate is located in Dimbula, a region of varying elevations in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka, also called Ceylon, is the only home of true Ceylon Tea, which tea experts call “The Bordeaux of Tea.” Because IDULGASHINNA has multiple elevations, it allows the growers to create a consistent blend using the terroir of the teas grown at different heights, while preserving the sanctity of a one estate blend.
STRONG TASTE- This English Breakfast blend is full bodied, rich, and bold. There are fruity and floral tinges, that contribute to the distinctive fragrant scent that seems remarkably strong while imbibing. Ceylon English Breakfast Tea is unique because it is less flowery than a standard Darjeeling and notably less astringent than Assam teas. Ceylon makes for a great quencher of thirst, so it is a delightful option for iced tea. Despite being a strong, full bodied blend, the mellow notes of this tea make it great for sipping throughout the day.
HAND PACKED- This tea is lovingly packed by hand at our headquarters in Cleveland, OH. Each batch of tea is inspected and carefully packaged by hand so you are getting only the best quality tea available.
QUALITY GUARANTEED- If you have any issues at all with your tea, our customer service staff is based in Cleveland as well and will be quick to answer any questions or calm any concerns. Because we spend so much time and energy on a flawless supply chain, we can confidently guarantee the quality of our product! If you have any issues, or want to discuss other blends, we’d love to hear from you!

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England is known for many things, but chief among them may be there pension for tea drinking. Because for many centuries the sun never set on the British Empire, this meant that tea cultivation and production has spread across the whole world. This includes the mystical land of Sri Lanka, a small country that was once called Ceylon, and has now passed that moniker onto the delectable black tea grown in the region, that make up one of the largest sectors of the Sri Lankan economy. Sri Lanka is found off the coast of Southern India, and is a small country, about the size of West Virginia.

Though it is small in stature, it is a beautiful country and has become a titan in the tea production industry. Ceylon Tea is the general name given to all black loose leaf teas made in Sri Lanka. It is thought to be the best fruity black tea in the world, and has a solid base flavor that makes it amenable to use as a base for flavored teas. Early on, Sri Lanka primarily made coffee. Sadly, centuries ago weather patterns began changing and large scale crop infestation hit, which pushed Sri Lankans to find a new cash crop. Tea became the cause dejour, which made sense given their ties to imperial England. Despite tea being produced everywhere in the world, Ceylon tea still manages to stand out. It is produced using an Orthodox Method that rejects CTC manufacturing. The orthodox method of tea production means pickers putting small amount of tea leaves in their baskets, to avoid damage from its own weight. It also means rolling out the tea leaves individually. This individual rollout allows for oxidation to begin, and breaks down the cell walls to further enhance this. After being oxidized sufficiently, these loose leaves are fired up to maintain their current state, then painstakingly packaged according to organic standards, then sent to the happy tea sipping customer at ell ends of the world.

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