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Feel free to examine our Form A (Certificate of Origin) and our Phytosanitary certificates for importation of these fine herbs and dried plums.

Our Certificates

We believe that it is important for our customer to trust us. This is why we provide a proof of our standards and show scans of actual certificates of Origin (Form A) and Phytosanitary certificates. These documents are required by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. If your supplier can not produce these that means that something shady is at place. Please contact us if you need any clarifications. Additionally FDA would not even consider to examine the shipment if such would not be accompanied by these certificates.


Form A

Bosnian From A Certificate Of Origin

Serbian Prunes Certificate Of Origin


Phytosanitary Certificates Republic of Serbia:

Phytosanitary certificate fro Serbian Prunes



Phytosanitary certificate for CHamomile tea from Bosnia


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