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100% ORGANIC- This masala chai tea blend is a certified organic product. This means it is USDA certified to be free of herbicides, pesticides, or any other chemicals that could dilute the natural goodness of this herbal blend. This is rare in Chai Tea blends, as many use artificial flavorings to cover up lack of organic sources.
MASALA CHAI TEA- This strong, spicy chai is the ultimate chai latte for the Western world. It is a blend of 75% Organic Ceylon Black Tea and 25% spices including whole chunks of cinnamon, black pepper, ginger, cloves, and cardamom. These spices give it a strong flavor, that will put the premade coffee shop chai to shame. You will be shocked at the robust spice and flavor that true Chai has, as it is both invigorating and delectable.
SUPPLY CHAIN OVERSIGHT- U.S. Wellness Naturals has an unparalleled involvement and oversight in the supply chain. This means visiting and working directly with tea estates to monitor the production and cultivation of their organic products. It also means you can drink this tea guilt free, as it is sourced from ethically and sustainably run tea gardens. The workers on our estates are treated well, and the land is treated with care, so that it can grow tea for generations to come.
LOCALLY BASED- This Chai Tea loose leaf blend is hand packed here in Cleveland, OH. This means we have local workers sifting through the tea to ensure the highest quality leaves and spices reach your table. Our local customer service agents are also available to talk tea with you, or if you have any questions or comments! FAST SHIPPING- Because we are based here locally, any orders placed before 1 PM EST will be shipped out that day! It almost always arrives within 1-2 business days!

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Masala chai translates literally to “mixed spice tea.” It originated in the Indian subcontinent, and has grown in popularity both there and worldwide. In the United States, it is more often called simply chai, chai latte, or iced chai depending on preparation. In fact, though the word chai literally just means tea, it has become synonymous with masala chai in the western world. It is worth noting that Masala Chai is really more of a class of tea than a particular flavor, as the mixture of herbs and spices can vary drastically from region to region in India, Asia, and the rest of the world. Similarly, tea makers in the United States use very different mixes of herbs and spices; though cardamom is typically the strongest spice in the mix, even this can vary. Masala chai has its roots in India, where for centuries people drank tea has an herbal remedy rather than a recreational hot beverage. The recipes for masala chai originated in the Ayurveda Texts, and series of ancient texts on healing using herbal remedies. Up until the mid 1800’s, almost all tea brought into England was Chinese in origin (~90%). Soon, though, colonists in India and Ceylon began trying some of these strong black teas that could be cultivated locally. This exploded in growth, and within a few decades, the tide had shifted with most teas being brought in by India and Ceylon. Despite their prominence as exporters, tea drinking did not take off in India until a very targeted campaign by the British owned Indian Tea Association. This pushed factories, manufacturers, and jobs of all sort to enforce a tea break midday. This was appreciated by workers, and allowed tea drinking to flourish in India. As it grew there, soon the new idea of tea drinking combined with the ancient herbal remedies to give birth to masala chai, and it quickly became one of India’s most popular drinks. In the Western world, Chai has exploded as well, but not always authentically. We often times drink a literal watered down version, as many tea shops serve concentrated liquid chai that is then diluted with water or steamed milk. While it still carries some of the essence of real masala chai, it pales in comparison. As you explore this unique herbal tea, you will recognize a stronger spice to it, and perhaps less sweetness, as many coffee shops alter their chai to include vanilla or chocolate. This truer flavor will allow you to enjoy the strong black Ceylon tea that is used as a base, and sip on the warm herbs that were used medically for centuries in other parts of the world. We feel confident you will fall in love once you’ve had your first true cup of Masala Chai, and look forward to giving you this herbal goodness for years to come!

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