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Chamomile tea, young camomile flowers from Bosnia (used as herbal tea, brewing chamomile beer, kombucha...), 1lb bulk

• 100% NATURAL: What does this mean? It means that absolutely no pesticides or herbicide have been used. It also means that crop has been weeded mechanically. The weeds have been removed using agricultural mechanization and brute force to rip the unwanted weeds from the surroundings of the crop.

• CAFFEINE FREE: All "Matricaria Chamomilla" flowers naturally come caffeine free. This is applicable to all herbal teas.

• USE: In addition to divine scent (originating from natural essential oils) which made it popular as beverage, flowers of young chamomile plant have traditionally been known for its many medicinal properties such as anti-inflammatory and calming properties. Majority of our customers are using it to help with insomnia yet it is known ingredient in many traditional wraps and in aroma therapy around the globe.

• BPA FREE BAG: In addition to multi-layer structure that preserves the freshness of the flowers, this bag is carefully selected to maintain natural properties of the herb that it contains. It proudly bares itself as free of BPA.

• BULK PACKAGE: The economy of scale pricing. This means that when sold in bulk the tea is intrinsically cheaper compared to tea bags. The loose leaf offers more control over the brewing parameters (temperature, infusion duration, and water volume and chamomile quantity) to those that prefer their own cup of tea.

• 100% CERTIFIED ORIGIN: The FDA and CBP regulation is clear on this. The certificate of origin is a must for any shipment of tea that crosses the US border. It certifies the geographical origin and harvest date. AVOID companies that cannot produce this certificate (known as FORM A).

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What makes these chamomile flowers unique? three reasons:

1) Terroir; this is a unique offer of chamomile flowers from a single estate in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In fact, an aerial photo of the estate is shown below (the white area in the middle is made white by the chamomile's white flowers petals). We cherish our growers and are proud to support local community of growers and families.

2) Young flowers; it is very tempting for a manufacturer to grow a more mature flower (much more yield) but the brew from mature chamomile flowers is very bitter. For a clean taste, with no bitterness, it is necessary to harvest these flowers young. In Bosnia and Herzegovina that putts harvest in early May. Such young flowers are also known to contain more essential oils that are responsible for characteristic chamomile sent and taste. Feel free to compare our product with any other available in U.S. market.

3) Recently this particular chamomile has become more popular as microbreweries started to make chamomile beer. It is important to use YOUNG chamomile with both beer and kombucha because mature flowers, if used in excess, can make an excessively bitter brew. It is however impossible to make this mistake with young flowers, regardless of quantity used. Kombucha's SCOBY may be sensitive to chamomile, so only add chamomile tea in the second fermentation.

Chamomile fields

Flavonoids (Latin flavus, yellow) are naturally occurring compounds (phenols). With 2000 different already recognized compounds it is determined that they are all biosynthetically related. They are most abundant in the cell sap of higher plants and YOUNG TISSUES. That is why young chamomile flowers are superior in their flavonoids potency. The flower heads of German or Hungarian chamomile (Matricaria recutita L.) are said to contain no less than 0.4% of volatile oils. This oil is often extracted as blue due to chemical reaction of Chamazulene formation that occurs during the distillation of the flowers but is otherwise absent in fresh flowers. Other precious compounds that are found in Chamomile flowers and are active constituents of its volatile oils are: α-Bisabolol, Farnesene, Herniarin, Achillicin and Betonicine).


Chamomile fields


Relax with a freshly steeped cup of young chamomile flowers from the Balkans. Chamomile tea helps sooth the mind and body, making it the perfect choice for stress relief and comfort in the evening. To maintain a fresh cup of tea every time the flowers come in a re-sealable bag so that every cup tastes just as good as the first. Compliment Chamomile’s earthy flavor with a bit of honey for added sweetness.


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THE BESTReview by Nick
I have to say that that was my first experience of YOUNG chamomile flowers. (Posted on 8/8/2015)

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