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Vanilla Black TEA 100% Organic Loose Leaf Tea 8Oz

VANILLA BLACK TEA- This tea is 100% organic black Ceylon flavored tea. Just as tea, the flavor is organic and made vanilla beans; This rich and velvety daily cup of tea“Black Vanilla Tea” provides a well-rounded silky elegance that makes it a decadent treat with cream honey or sugar

CERTIFIED 100% ORGANIC- Many tea companies pass off their vanilla or French vanilla teas as natural while encumbering the blend with artificial flavors or imitation vanilla; This vanilla tea is 100% certified organic, meaning that even the vanilla beans used for flavoring were free of chemicals and pesticides; The package we deliver is enhanced because we use Orange Pekoe (OP) grade Ceylon tea to begin with, and can let the hearty well-rounded flavor speak to you directly, rather than masking it with strong artificial ingredient

ETHICALLY AND SUSTAINABLY SOURCED- We are involved in the sourcing of this tea from start to finish; This means personally visiting and understanding the conditions of the different tea gardens, and recognizing the painstaking care they take to plant local trees and flora as ways to maintain soil integrity through multiple seasons of tea bearing; These practices (including creating a compost of dead leaves) help people of Sri Lanka and also contribute positively to the local ecosystem, so delicious Ceylon black tea and people that harvest them will be symbiotic for many centuries to come

DISTINCTIVE TASTE- Sri Lankan black tea, also called Ceylon black tea, is robust and hearty; With all-natural vanilla flavoring, it transformed into a sweet but balanced fragrant tea that provides a specific huigan that will appeal to tea enthusiasts and first time tea drinkers alike  

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED- This robust black tea comes with the full backing of U.S. Wellness Naturals; From our headquarters in Cleveland, OH, this product is hand-packed and inspected for quality, and if you have any issues at all, or just need suggestions on methodology for proper brewing, reach out and our locally based customer service team will help you be back to sipping the perfect cup of tea in no time

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While Ceylon OP Black Tea is all about hearty and robust taste, it is the sweet and smooth flavor of vanilla (from pure vanilla beans) that makes this balance. It has a natural sweetness that lingers after sipping, and has been described as full-bodied but elegant, silky, and well-rounded. Drinkers describe an almost a nutty taste, with a long lasting sweet aftertaste and aroma. The creamy and decadent flavor make it a great option for brewed iced teas. It is both refreshing but sweet, which will bring back memories of the classic sweet tea of the American South. The sweetness in this case is or aromatic original and actually has no sugar. U.S. Wellness Naturals is proud of our 100% organic product, and the control and monitoring we can provide from planting to packing. We have a personal relationship with tea estates in Sri Lanka, and can verify the quality of tea, but also the fairness and ethical treatment they give to the workers. We love that this tea is grown in sustainably sourced environments, so that the tea of today does not take away from the hopes and dreams of tomorrow. We are based in Cleveland, OH where our certified and approved facility has workers delicately hand packing our tea, so that each leaf is treated with care. We love ‘talking shop,’ and would love to walk you through brewing ideas, suggestions, or ideas you have for new flavors! Simply reach out to our friendly customer service team and we will get back to you before your brew is done

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