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Irish Breakfast Tea, SMOOTH, RICH & WELL-ROUNDED CEYLON (Idulgashinna Estate Light Blend)

100% ORGANIC- This Irish Breakfast Blend is a certified organic product. This means it has been through the rigorous testing and oversight of the USDA, and been certified to be free of any pesticides or herbicides so the tea you drink is pure and unadulterated. While this certification is time consuming and costly, it is worth it for us to bring you chemical free, Non-GMO tea straight to your breakfast table.
SINGLE ESTATE LIGHT BLEND- Teas from different estates often have a different terroir, so many Irish Breakfast loose leaf tea blends will come from many different estates. This Irish Breakfast Tea comes from Idulgashinna estate that covers a wide array of altitudes, we are able to provide a complex, delicious, consistent tea from just one estate, from varying altitudes, blended together by experts in the field.
OVERSIGHT OF PRODUCTION- U.S. Wellness Naturals maintains an unrivaled oversight and involvement in the supply chain. This means personally visiting tea estates to ensure they are ethically and sustainably producing their product. This means treating their workers well, and using practices that will allow for tea production in Sri Lanka for centuries to come. This is accomplished with a combination of local flora being planted on the estate to maintain soil quality, as well as avoiding over production.
TOP QUALITY- This black Ceylon tea blend is Orange Pekoe (OP) rated, picked with two leaves and a bud. This means it is of the utmost quality. Additionally, the tea is entirely organic, which means the flavors and tastes, while complex and unique, are entirely natural. No additives or preservatives have been added.
LOCAL SHIPPING- This tea is hand packed here at our headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. This means we are directly involved in your end product, and are able to make sure only the finest leaves reach your doorstep. It also means we are able to fulfill orders quickly and efficiently, so you’ll be sipping your latest cup of tea before the water comes to a boil (typically a couple of business days).

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In days of yore they said, “The sun never sets on the British Empire.” This was a metaphorical way of saying the British Imperial footprint was enormous. With many of their traditions, they also imparted a passion for tea drinking and production in countries across the world. This is true, even, of Ireland. Their rainy and cold weather, along with a steely persona, had a need for a strong cup of morning tea, and soon Irish Breakfast Tea was made. While the Irish have been sipping their own tea for centuries, there is no precise formula for loose leaf Irish Breakfast Tea. Instead, it is a mixture of various teas. U.S. Wellness makes this mixture with tea from only two estates, that due to varying altitudes are able to provide a wide range of terroirs, which allows for mixing and perfecting annually to create a consistent cup of strong Irish Breakfast Tea. The Idulgashinna Estate is located in Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon. The name Ceylon has subsequently been passed on to the rich black teas that originate from its lands. Sri Lankan tea, aka Ceylon Tea, has been called the Bordeaux of Teas by experts in the field. Their commitment to quality, sustainability, and old world production methods produce an impeccable black tea that is truly one-of-a-kind. Much of their value comes through production. They use a method called the Orthodox method of production. This means painstakingly picking the tea in small baskets, so that they never get crushed under their own weight. After the tea is brought it, it is hand rolled, which breaks down cell walls to allow the start of oxidation. Finally, the tea leaves are then fired to preserve the current, ideal oxidation state. This produces the ideal black tea, which is then packaged and sent here to Cleveland, before being hand packed so only the best leaves reach you, the final drinker. In the 20th century, a new method for tea production came about called CTC manufacturing. CTC stands for Crush, Tear, Curl. It means leave are put through mechanical rollers, in bulk, that cut, crush, and tea into small pieces. This mechanization is certainly more efficient, but does so at the expense of flavor and taste that the old world method contains. Irish Breakfast blends are stronger and more robust than their British counterparts. Because of the chilly climate, and yeoman's work associated with the Emerald Isle, a strong cup of tea was needed. Additionally, reliance on the dairy industry in old Ireland made a black tea that pairs well with milk an important option. This Irish Breakfast loose leaf blend is no exception. It is hearty and strong, and pairs well with a cup of fresh milk. It has a good dose of caffeine to get your day started, but sips well anytime. If you are looking for something a little stronger than the typical English Breakfast tea, Irish Breakfast will be the perfect cup to try!

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